Joseph D. Stamey

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Heidegger On Poetry, Gods, Metaphysics And Technology

Volume: Volume 21, 1999
Hits: 1112
Downloads: 694

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A Comprehensive Approach To Ethics: Rereading Kant

Volume: Volume 16, 1994
Hits: 917
Downloads: 522

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Platos Symposium: Comedy As The Genre Of Philosophy

Volume: Volume 9, No. 3, 1984
Hits: 1224
Downloads: 615

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Determinism,Indeterminism And Responsibility

Volume: 1977
Hits: 889
Downloads: 528

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Newton's Time,Locke's Ideas, And Jonathan's Spiders

Author(s): Joseph D. Stamey
Volume: 1974
Hits: 824
Downloads: 465

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