Articles in Volume 9, No. 3, 1984

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1On The Intrinsic Value Of Human LifeDean GeurasDownload765
2Perspectives On PunishmentThomas M. AlexanderDownload959
3Some Steps Towards Overcoming The Distance Between Aristotle And Kant: Part IIGary CesarzDownload910
4Hanson On Seeing,Seeing As And Seeing ThatHoughton B. DalrympleDownload1245
5Simple,Ordinary Logic In Tolstoy's Death Of Ivan LlyichPatricia A. DeduckDownload912
6Double Talk About PersonsDownload1026
7How Not To Justify StarvationRichard Francis GalvinDownload1053
8The Meaning Of Life: For Each To Decide?Jeffrey GordonDownload998
9Recollecting The Stages Of AscensionRobert HahnDownload1108
10Art And Irrationality: The Background Of The AbsurdCharles J. HarrimanDownload1110
11Nineteen Eighty FourGlenn C. JoyDownload985
12A Basis For Deriving The "Ought" From The "Is"Donald C. LeeDownload894
13Filmic Representation And Realism In Bazin's Film TheoryGlen LessesDownload1393
14Logical Contents Of The Ravon ParadoxIvan L. LittleDownload822
15The Explanation Of Unlikely EventsG. John LucasDownload672
16Complaints About Moral PhilosophyVincent LuizziDownload913
17Scripts And Problem Of EvilJohn F. Miller IIIDownload853
18Platos Symposium: Comedy As The Genre Of PhilosophyJoseph D. StameyDownload1153
19Aesthetic ConceptsDabney TownsendDownload1192
20Tillich's Christology: Orthodoxy Or Heresy?James TreanorDownload1089
21Newton Concept Of God As Creator And Lawgiver: A Systematic AnalysisJack WeirDownload1032
22Front Matter - Volume 9 No 3 - 1984SWPSDownload787