Articles in Volume 8, No. 3, 1983

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1Art , Truth And KnowledgeThomas M. AlexanderDownload886
2Natural Selection And The Selfish GeneJoe E. BarnhartDownload842
3Gimples Will To BelieveAlfred L. CastleDownload733
4Some First Steps In Overcoming The Distance Between Aristotle And KantGary CesarzDownload690
5The Correlativity Of Rights And DutiesHoughton B. DalrympleDownload1056
6Problems In Kants Teleology Of HistoryGregg FranzwaDownload978
7John Hick Cosmological ArgumentGilbert FulmerDownload1183
8An Analysis Of The Rachels- Ama Dispute On EuthanasiaDownload1297
9Sartres Coquette: In Defense Of Her VirtueJeffrey GordonDownload717
10Geocentrism,Heliocentrism, And The Circular Orbits Of The Heavenly Bodies: Some Conceptual ProblemsRobert HahnDownload724
11Can We Tell The Truth?Download798
12Berkeley's God PercievesPeter HutchesonDownload907
13On The Origin And Definition Of PhilosophyDonald C. LeeDownload726
14Practical Reasoning,Weakness, And Plato's RepublicDownload858
15Truth And Existential Import In Aristotles LogicIvan L. LittleDownload723
16Philosophers And Society: Challenges And ResponsibilitiesKeith LovinDownload802
17Pragmatic Ethical TheoryVincent LuizziDownload841
18Stroud On Hume On InductionG. F. SchuelerDownload924
19Art Or AuthenticityWilliam C. SpringerDownload713
20The Philosophy Of Paul Ricoeur: Method And Apllication: Metaphor And SymbolJerry TaylorDownload952
21An Explication, Critique, And Application Of Heidegger's Doctrine Of Historical TemporalityHoward N. TuttleDownload763
22The Right To Life And PacifismJack WeirDownload718
23The Machine In The Ghost- Toward The Humanization Of BEhavioral TechnologyKuang-Ming WuDownload721
24Front Matter - Volume 8 No 3 - 1983Download816